This Is It: Michael Jackson sings of falling in love in new track

Hear the king of pop's new song

There was excitement among fans of Michael Jackson the world over this week with the unveiling of a new track, four months after the singer's untimely death.

Little information has been released about the song, titled This Is It, which was to be the opener of Michael's ill-fated comeback shows.

It was delivered to radio shows amid tight security and began streaming on the star's official website on Sunday evening.

The emotive ballad, which features backing vocals from Michael's brothers, starts with the words: "This is it, here I stand, I'm the light of the world, I feel grand."

He then goes on to talk about falling in love.

"I never heard a single word about you/Falling in love wasn't my plan/I never thought that I would be your lover/Come on, please, just understand," says the chorus.

There's been no confirmation on when or where the song was written or recorded.

But according to the Daily Mirror it was originally laid down for Michael's 1991 album, Dangerous, but never made the final cut.

It will be the only new material to feature on a double CD released on 27 October, a day ahead of the opening of a feature film which has been made from footage of the rehearsals for the London shows.

Cinema-goers will also hear it during the film's final credits.

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