Riches fit for the king of pop showcased in official Michael Jackson exhibition

There was little doubt that when the Michael Jackson Official Exhibition opened its doors there would be some remarkable and unique treasures on display.

And fans of the late musician won't be disappointed when they are admitted into London's O2 arena this week.

A must-see for any enthusiasts, the collection includes the grand archway adorned with a crest and crown that welcomed visitors to the star's fairytale Neverland ranch.

Standing underneath the elaborate entrance is the 1967 Rolls-Royse Phantom used by Michael and Elizabeth Taylor for jaunts around Los Angeles.

The classic car is not the only item to demonstrate the close friendship between the pair.

A carousel-style rocking horse, which was a gift from the iconic actress to the singer, stands in among the numerous exhibits, the saddle inscribed: "To MJ love ET".

Other stand-out pieces include a letter to Michael from former president Ronald Reagan written in 1984, referring to the accident in which the dad-of-three set fire to his hair.

"You've gained quite a number of fans along the road since I Want You Back, and Nancy and I are among them," the document reads.

A real treat for supporters are some items which give an insight into how Michael perfected some of his iconic dance moves. Among them are a pair of shoes with part of the heel cut away to help him lean further forward while performing Smooth Criminal.

An original Jackson 5 contract and a number of his signature jewelled gloves are also presented at the exhibition, which opens on Wednesday.

Completing what is a big week for fans of Michael, This Is It, the film made from the star's rehearsals for his O2 concerts, is also being released.

Click here for a look at the anticipated feature-length documentary.

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