A funeral befitting musical royalty: cost behind Michael Jackson's service revealed

hellomagazine.com He will be remembered as the king of pop and Michael Jackson had a funeral reflecting that status.

Court documents revealed this week that the late star's service in September cost a whopping $1 million.

The sum – paid by Michael's estate – included a bill from Forest Lawn Cemetery totalling $855,730.

His casket cost $25,000 and his funeral garments came in at $35,000 while $1,975 was spent on clothes for the family.

Other expenses listed are $3,682 for framing a photograph of Michael to stand next to his casket, $30,000 on cars and security and $16,000 on flowers.

An Italian restaurant in Pasadena billed $21,455 for a "funeral repast" after the service, and $11,716 was spent on the invitations sent to friends including Elizabeth Taylor, Quincy Jones and Macaulay Culkin.

The official papers also show that Michael's mother Katherine, sister Janet and brother Randy were involved in the planning of the funeral.

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