Review: BlackBerry Z10

The new BlackBerry Z10 literally does things I didn't think phones could do – make films complete with music and credits from your selected pictures, snap a sequence of shots to let you choose the best frame and mostly accurately guesses which word you're about to type next.

What's more, as a new BlackBerry user, I am in love with the 'BlackBerry Hub' – a system that allows you to have all your emails, text messages and other social network notifications in one place.


A red light alerts you to a new notification – something that comes as something of a relief and means constant phone-checking is a thing of the past.

As a die-hard fan of buttons, I wholly endorse the Z10's touch screen, which is as easy to use as touch screens can be. Typing feels light and easy after a year of using a clunky Samsung SII.

BlackBerry have hit the ball out of the park on this one – if you need a phone upgrade or just want to swap your own, look no further.

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