Psy unveils new single 'Gentleman'

He brought the world to its knees with his Gangnam Style hit, but now South Korean rapper Psy is back for more.

With the likes of Tom Cruise, Ban-Ki Moon and Dave Grohl declaring theirselves fans of the hit of 2012, Psy hopes to make a viral sensation akin to the success of his UK number one single.

The star unveiled the new single video, Gentleman, in a live concert in Seoul, which boasted more than 160,000 attendees.



In the video, the rapper uses humorous ploys, Psy takes demonstrates some ungentlemanly behaviour as he cavorts with his friends and makes children cry.

Seen taking women on a string of dates only to trick them, the zany rapper makes a series of vivid pranks in the video as he dances along to the catchy track.

The edgy video also features a follow-up to his infectious horse inspired dance routine, called "the butt dance".

South Korean TV channel KBS has banned the hitmaker’s latest video because it shows disrespect to public property, according to public officials. His behaviour towards a "no parking" sign in the short has been deemed unacceptable by the public channel's executives.

Despite the glitch, the video is still well on its way to becoming the next song of the year.

Garnering 145million YouTube views so far, the single has kept the rapper's fans happy. The track has also reached number 12 in the US billboard charts.


Although the artist never turns down an opportunity to showcase his eccentric persona, Psy is every inch the family man.

The star, 35, married cello major Yoo Hye-yeon seven years ago, and fathers twins, aged 4.

The artist also studied at Berklee College of Music and Boston University, although he didn't complete his studies at either institution.

Furthermore, the rapper is far from a one-hit wonder. Gangnam Style featured on the singer's sixth music album to date. Famed for his quirky take on the K-Pop genre, Psy experienced great commercial success in South Korea prior to his global success.