Exclusive: Bros star Matt Goss addresses reunion rumours and confesses he's still looking for 'the one'

Singer Matt Goss, one third of 1980s hit band Bros, chats to HELLO! about the possibility of a reunion with his brothers if someone "made the right offer", why he'd love to be a reality television show judge and confesses that he is still waiting for that special someone to start a family with.

The Lewisham-born singer also tells us about his latest projects and what he misses most about home.

He's back from LA to promote his latest album, Life You Imagine and perform a string of intimate concerts at the Café De Paris in Leicester Square.


Is there any truth behind the recent rumours of a Bros reunion?
They are not true, absolutely not, although… Make us the right offer and then we will consider it! If the right company wants to come in and make an offer and says that they understand that we want to do it the right way, then maybe a big summer show? Because of our personalities it will be a spectacle and it will be mental.

Would you ever consider going on something like the Big Reunion?
We wouldn't do that, because Bros is bigger than that in a way; we did 15 consecutive Wembley Stadium concerts. Luke is making movies, I am singing, Craig's managing bands; we all have lives and I think there is something to be said for respecting that we have chosen the harder route of creating our own lives than to rely on something like that.
If we did do a reunion, we wouldn't want it to be like a blast from the past, we would want it to be like 'wow'. We would want state-of-the-art technology and we would want it to be outrageous.

On shows like the Big Reunion, a lot of the bands have revealed how tough it was at the height of their fame. Was it like that for you?
Was it tough at times? Absolutely. I had my own personal struggles, we all did. But I think that you have to decide to dust yourself off, put your left foot in front of the right foot and keep moving forward. And it was not the easy choice, trust me, there were times when we were given offers to reunite and we have said no because they weren't the right offer. They were certainly very impressive numbers but not impressive enough. So we said 'You know what? Let's keep going on with our own journey and keep pushing forward', and that's what we've done.

If X Factor had been around when you formed Bros, would you have auditioned for it?
It's hard for me to say as that time was so different. The reason we left school is because we wanted to be musicians and we knew it wasn't going to be easy. It turned out we got discovered by a producer and got introduced to a manager which is kind of the way it's meant to happen. I understand it's incredibly entertaining but I'm not sure how I feel about people deciding whether you are good enough to be a star.
But I would love to be a judge on one of those shows – no-one has approached me so, please, can someone approach me!

Would you ever consider coming back home to the UK?
Just before I came back to the UK, I extended [my contract at] Caesars through next year and I also have the record coming out in Australia and Europe and Asia and America, so… I would like to maybe move back – I have a place here, and my mum lives here. I would like to have a place here so I don’t have to stay in a hotel all the time.


What do you miss most about London?
I miss black cabs over here. I don’t know if people realize how proud we should be of them; they are civilized and they will take you home…. You go round the world and you see other cab drivers and they don't know where they are going. When I get into my hotel the first thing I do is get in a black cab. Then I get taken past Buckingham Palace - because I am such a Royalist - and I go up The Mall and look at St James's Park and go over Westminster Bridge and see the South Bank so I feel like I am in my town again. I also miss beautiful little pubs that still take pride in the right looks. I miss that. And I also miss the history.

You were engaged to television presenter Daisy Fuentes until 2010. What’s your relationship status now?
I would say I am dating. Right now, I am trying to work it all out. It's up and down, but I would love to find somebody that understands my life. There are so many amazing things that are going on in my life and I want to share that with somebody. I want to get married and I want to have a family without question.
And now it's a good thing because I don't feel any fear about it. I really want that in my life. A simple man becomes a king when he finds his queen and that's how I feel because I like being in a relationship. There is nothing quite like that way when you come home and your missus has cooked for you. I like that feeling when you know somebody and you trust somebody. I prefer that to being single.

Tell us about your London shows
They are big-band inspired, and there's everything from Elvis to Queen to Sinatra and a lot of Bond moments in the show. I wanted to include things that I love and move me as a man with a big sound, loads of brass, big horn section. It's similar to my Vegas shows but it's bigger. It's the first time I have played most of the record live.

What is the inspiration behind your new album?
The record is inspired by the persona and the swagger of the Rat Pack. Adele has done great things for music in the fact that she's written songs that has affected people's emotions and I wanted to do the same. I wanted to write a song for the fellas that they could get down on one knee and propose to, without being cheesy. [Producer] Ron Fair said it's the record of his life and that I had contributed to the American songbook, which was amazing. I have put my heart and soul into this for three years; a year writing it and then two years making it.

You have recorded a reworking of When Will I be Famous on the album. What brought that about?
I recorded that when I was 17 and I have been playing it a certain way in Vegas. It's got a lot more edge to it now… I just wanted to take back the song do it in another way. People who hear it absolutely love this version. I think it's almost more than a song now, though. It's been used for everything and it's as famous today as when it came out.

By performing that song more than 20 years after it was released, do you feel you have come full circle?
I didn't want it to be anything to do with a retro thing or nostalgic thing, it's purely because the song is part of my life and it's not going anywhere. I just wanted to take the song back and I think it's great. My brother loves it, Craig loves it, I love it. It feels more comfortable for all of us to have that version out there.

Talking of Luke and Craig, are you still in touch?
Obviously I see my brother as often as I can, and we both live in LA. I recently saw Craig in Los Angeles and we were all on the phone together. It was really nice.

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His new album Life You Imagine is released 14 October
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