Space Shuttle Endeavour the star attraction on the streets of LA

Thousands of LA residents have taken to the streets of their city to see US Space Shuttle Endeavour make it's final journey.

The vessel, which was once capable of speeds of up to 17,000mph, finally arrived at its retirement home after a 12-mile trip which took three-days to complete.

On the back of a remote-controlled 160-wheel carrier and with more than 12 hours behind schedule, Endeavour reached the California Science Center past 1am on Sunday.

The spacecraft's final journey before beginning its years as a museum piece was cheered on by thousands of well-wishers, many of whom captured the moment on mobile phones and cameras.

More than 400 trees had to be cut to facilitate the route, in a journey that is estimated to have cost $10 million, to be paid for by the science centre and private donations.

During its road trip the shuttle stopped at the iconic Randy's Donuts building and at the Forum — former home of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team — where it was greeted in the arena's parking lot by a throng of cheering spectators.