Cleo Rocos - Biography

Born: July 24, 1962


Famous for: Being Kenny Everett's sidekick in his zany Eighties TV show

Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Horoscope : Capricorn

Who is Cleo Rocos?

Cleo Rocos is a half-Greek, half-English comedian, businesswoman, presenter and producer born on 24th July 1962 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is most widely recognised as Kenny Everett's co-star on the Kenny Everett Television Show during the 1980s.

Cleo Rocos' childhood

Cleo was born in Brazil during the 1960s due to the nature of her father's work in shipping. She spent her childhood in England, where she came to go to school. Whilst at school she studied acting, which would lead her into the world of entertainment.

Whilst, interestingly, her first job was as a professional skateboarder, it is said that while studying acting she came to meet Alan Bell, a director and producer from the BBC who was auditioning for a new television show: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. This would be her first appearance and from there, the rest is history.

Cleo Rocos' television career

With her acting career starting with the BBC, Cleo would weave through a variety of shows before taking on her biggest role to date: as co-star of BBC sketch show The Kenny Everett Television Show. From 1981 to 1988 she starred alongside offbeat comedian Kenny Everett, often appearing in nothing more than her underwear for comedic effect. Everett would be her comedy partner in crime for several years, with the duo also appearing in science quiz series Brainstorm and Assaulted Nuts.

From the late-80s to mid-90s Cleo could also be found in Welsh comedy sketch show Pobol y Chyff, as well as ITV's review show Bushell on the Box.

Sadly in 1989 Kenny Everett was diagnosed with HIV, later passing away in 1995. Following his death, Cleo's TV appearances started decreasing for the rest of the decade. 

The following decade, Cleo slowly started taking a step away from comedy, shifting her focus to presenting documentaries. She co-produced a channel Five series on Princess Diana's dresses, and presented a couple of travel shows: Wish You Were Here...? and Cleo Worldwide, where she visited the wonders of the world.

Later in the noughties and 2010s she would tackle some of Britain's most popular game shows and reality shows, including Wipeout, Ready, Steady, Cook, Come Dine With Me and even Celebrity Big Brother, where she remained until the final week before being evicted along with S Club 7 star Jo O'Meara.

Cleo Rocos' media career

Not being resigned to just TV, Cleo has tapped into other media formats over the years. She's made a name for herself on BBC London radio, occasionally presenting from time to time, and even collaborated on a couple of music singles in the 1980s and 1990s. 

On the big screen, Cleo can be seen in Mel Brooks' History of the World, Part I and, most recently, 2004's Baby Juice Express.

Cleo has also co-authored an autobiographical book, Bananas Forever: Kenny Everett and Me and has also written for The Daily Telegraph. She also released The Power of Positive Drinking, a book on how to drink well without letting it overwhelm you.

She's also dabbled in the stage life, producing the Seven Year Itch on London's West End in 2000.

Cleo Rocos' business career

These days, Cleo's main passion is on her tequila label, which is named Aqua Riva. She revealed this spirit in 2012, and produces it in Mexico. 

Cleo Rocos' personal life

Cleo is renowned for having been close friends with both Princess Diana and Queen's Freddie Mercury. Speaking to the Evening Standard in 2012 about her tequila, she revealed she is also connected with Holly Willoughby, Richard Branson and Derren Brown, who are all said to have been fans of her spirit before it was released. She also counts the likes of Robbie Williams and Darryl Hannah amongst her friends.

As for her relationship status, Cleo keeps this side of her life private. It's said that Kenny once asked Cleo to marry him (even though he was gay), and she accepted - however their relationship was entirely friendly. She revealed in her autobiography that she still misses him deeply.