The princess, who now chairs Amade Mondiale, a charity established by Princess Grace, lunched with neglected children now cared for by the organisation
Photo: AFP
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The Monegasque charity collaborates with Virlane Foundation, one of the largest NGOs in the Philippines, in the project
Photo: AFP

25 OCTOBER 2004

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Princess Caroline of Monaco started a three-day private visit to the Philippines this weekend, her first to the east Asian country.

The eldest daughter of Princess Grace is continuing her mother's charitable legacy on the trip: she's meeting more than 300 street children sheltered by Amade Mondiale, a non-profit established and chaired by the late royal, during a visit to Makati in suburban Manila.

And like her mother, Caroline, who now chairs the organisation, is a hands-on humanitarian during her fun-filled lunch with the underprivileged children, she cradled one happy two-year old in her lap, reading to her and carefully helping her drink from her cup.

Caroline also had other events on her agenda, hoping to draw attention to the problem of homeless and abused children. A meeting with President Arroyo on Monday was to be followed by a fundraising gala at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

The Monegasque charity Amade Mondiale, which provides homes for homeless youngsters in third world countries, collaborates with Virlane Foundation, one of the largest NGOs in the Philippines.



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