3 JANUARY 2005

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The Queen was accompanied by her daughter-in-law Sophie Wessex when she attended a church service in Sandringham at the weekend. And the 78-year-old, who was also joined by her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, didn't seem to be experiencing any ill-effects from a fall she suffered on Christmas day.

The incident took place during a family dinner when the monarch stood up for a moment and an over-zealous attendant sprang into action. Fraser Marlton-Thomas apparently thought she was going to leave the table, so he quickly pulled her chair back to be of assistance. The 25-year-old was left aghast when his employer promptly went to sit back down and found herself crashing to the floor.

And, according to reports, two of her pet corgis had a close call in the incident. But Her Majesty, who keeps seven of the pedigree breed, was relieved to find her beloved pets likewise escaped unscathed.

"She always feeds her dogs titbits from the table, and they were milling around her feet," revealed a palace source. "A couple of them cushioned her fall and she ended up in a heap."

queen,sophie wessek

The British monarch was sporting a rich plum-coloured ensemble for the service while her daughter-in-law, Sophie, had opted for a flattering shade of slate blue
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