26 JANUARY 2005

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Norway's future queen has made a high-profile visit to one of her country's most important neigbours. But little Princess Ingrid Alexandra doesn't have to concern herself with international affairs just yet, because her father Crown Prince Haakon was taking charge of the official duties.

Indeed it seems likely that the infant's mere presence in Copenhagen would have been enough to charm the people of Denmark. The infant, who reached her first birthday on January 21, showed off her crawling skills during a special photoshoot to mark her big day.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra will one day become modern Norway's first queen. Until recently only males were allowed to accede to the throne, but the country amended its constitution in 1990, clearing the way for a woman to become head of state.

Under the revised system her doting dad would not have been first in line, as his sister Martha Louise is three years older. But if the 31-year-old proves as devoted a king as he is a parent, it seems certain the country's monarchy is in good hands. Just a few weeks ago hellomagazine.com readers chose voted Haakon Royal Father of the Year in an extensive online poll.


Ingrid turned one on January 21. The infant will one day become modern Norway's first queen
Photo: Rex
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The princess celebrated her birthday by paying a visit to Copenhagen
Photo: Rex