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Lady Davina Lewis and Lady Rose Windsor, daughters of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, were among the royals who gathered at a central London memorial service for their grandmother, Princess Alice, on Wednesday.

Lady Davina, 27, who is 20th in line to the throne, made history last year when she married a Maori, the first to enter the Royal Family. She and her sister looked in good spirits as they arrived for the service, where their parents were joined by guests including former King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, Prince Asserate of Ethiopia, and Princess Benedicte of Denmark.

The commemoration was held at the Central Royal Air Force Church, St Clement Danes, on The Strand, because Alice had held the rank of Air Chief Marshal in the Women's RAF.

Princess Alice, who passed away on October 29 just two months short of her 103rd birthday, was the oldest British royal in history. Her November funeral was attended by her niece, Queen Elizabeth, who had been a bridesmaid at her 1935 wedding to Prince Henry.

Also present at the commemoration were international representatives from the various charitable organisations with which the late duchess had been involved. An unusually adventurous spirit, Alice had travelled extensively before settling down with Henry in her mid-thirties. The death of their elder son, Prince William, when he was only 30, followed by Henry's demise two years later, affected the Princess greatly, and she was rarely seen in public after 1995.

Lady Davina (right), who made history last year by becoming the first royal to marry a Maori, arriving with her sister Rose
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Princess Alice's son, the Duke of Gloucester, with his wife, the current Duchess
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