Hugh holds an umbrella over his bride to protect her from the rain. The newlyweds spent their first night as man and wife in a 12ft teepee in the grounds of her family estate
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Wills acted as an usher at his old friend's wedding
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6 JUNE 2005

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It was a sight royal fans the world over have been longing for for quite some time. Prince William, with a broad smile on his face, standing side by side with Kate Middleton as the wedding march played in the background.

Those already anticipating the day Wills makes his vows will have to wait a little longer, though - he and his girlfriend were simply guests at the nuptials of two close friends. The second-in-line acted as an usher at the marriage of his chum Hugh van Cutsem to landowner's daughter Rose Astor.

With a light drizzle falling over the church in Burford, Oxfordshire, the 30-year-old groom escorted his fiancée, who wore an ivory gown with lace sleeves, into the church under an umbrella. Once inside, the couple made their vows in front of a who's-who of British society. Among those in attendance for the ceremony were advertising mogul Maurice Saatchi and banking heir Zac Goldsmith.

William's girlfriend of two years might have been forgiven for feeling a little awkward, since her beau's ex-girlfriend Jessica Craig was present too. Conspicuous by their absence, however, were Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, who likewise stayed away from the wedding of elder brother Edward van Cutsem to Lady Tamara Windsor after finding out they were to be seated separately.

Prince Harry wasn't able to make it either, as he is currently in the thick of combat training at Sandhurst. And it seems the young royal is feeling the strain of military life, because he has been forced to trade his army boots for trainers after developing painful blisters on his feet.

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