1 JULY 2005

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Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco paid a visit to Japan on Friday, inaugurating her country's exhibition at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi. She was travelling without her husband King Mohammed VI.

The flame-haired former computer programmer, whose sophisticated and high-profile public role is unprecedented in the wife of a Moroccan king, was accompanied to the North African country's national day celebrations by Princess Takamado. The Japanese princess, who was educated at Girton College, Cambridge, is the widow of the Emperor's late cousin.

Expo 2005 wasn't the first international stop for popular Lalla Salma. Earlier this week, the history-making princess was in Jordan, joining illustrious guests such as Queen Rania at the wedding ceremony of Princess Badiya, niece of the late King Hussein.

The history-making princess shares a joke with Japan's Princess Takamado at the World Expo in Aichi
Photo: AFP
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Lalla Salma, wed to King Mohammed VI, is the first wife of a Moroccan monarch to have a high-profile public role
Photo: AFP