19 JULY 2005

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Crown Prince Willem-Alexander has offered his heartfelt thanks to the people of the Netherlands for all the cards, flowers and gifts his family has received since little baby Alexia was born three weeks ago. The proud father was photographed, along with wife Maxima and their two children, in the grounds of their Wassenaar home on Sunday afternoon.

Eighteen-month-old Amalia sat on her dad's shoulders when the family came out to meet photographers outside Villa Eikenhorst. "You see two very happy people before you," said Willem-Alexander, motioning towards his wife and the sleeping tot she was carrying in her arms.

The crown prince said his family, who are about to head off on holiday together, had received an "incredible flood" of gifts and other tributes since Alexia made her debut on June 26.

Welcoming a new addition to the family hasn't been without its difficulties, though, as a certain member of the royal household is apparently feeling a little envious. "Jealousy is just one of those things that is part of it all," said Maxima, sensibly playing down her elder daughter's adjustment difficulties.

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Both mum and dad were sporting broad smiles when they came out to meet photographers on Sunday afternoon. Eighteen-month-old Princess Amalia has apparently been feeling a bit jealous, though
Photo: AFP
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