The second-in-line said he was looking forward to getting his hands dirty as he learns the ropes of the farming business
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The spectacular hunting tower at Chatsworth Estate where William is currently staying

5 OCTOBER 2005

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Prince William is expected to follow his little brother Harry into officer training at Sandhurst in the not-too-distant future, so he might be forgiven for indulging in a few extra comforts in the months that remain before he enters the academy. And the 23-year-old will surely feel cosy in his new digs at Chatsworth Estate, as the luxurious property would impress even the most discerning of VIP guests.

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The second-in-line, who is working on the Duke of Devonshire's farm as part of his work experience, has taken up residence in a remodelled 16th-century hunting tower. His temporary home is usually hired out as a holiday home to well-heeled visitors, but its owners have decided against charging Wills for his stay.

Standing some 400ft above the main house, it consists of two twin bedrooms, a dining room with kitchen and a large lounge. It also features a "turret toilet" and shower room on each of the four levels. And the Prince needn't worry about draughts; the building's owner had the tower lavishly restored and refurbished earlier this year.

The structure was originally used as a summer banqueting house where aristocratic ladies would watch their husbands hunting in the spectacular grounds below. Its current residents are cut from a rather different cloth, though, as William is sharing the building with two royal protection officers.

Once he has completed his stint as a farmer, the royal heart-throb will spend several weeks in one of London's top financial institutions. After that he is to take on the tough challenges of working with a mountain rescue team, before heading for Sandhurst and the rigours of officer training.



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