21 NOVEMBER 2005

Click here to send this news item to a friend Little Princess Alexia isn't quite so well-versed in handling the media as her parents, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima, but the infant seemed to take everything in her stride at the weekend when she found herself at the centre of a flurry of press attention. The five-month-old has been enjoying the quiet life at De Horsten Estate ever since she was born last June, but on Saturday afternoon she was back in the spotlight when she was christened at the village church in Wassenaar. Alexia was wearing an antique christening cloak for the ceremony, while her mum was likewise dressed to impress in a long woollen dress and an exuberant lilac hat.

Both parents were clearly very proud as they emerged from the church carrying their baby daughter and her elder sister Amalia in their arms. The little lady at the centre of the fuss seemed a slightly nonplussed by all the activity, but her bemused frown did nothing to quell the excitement of journalists gathered outside.

Ever since she made her grand debut at Bronovo Hospital in the Hague, Alexia has become something of a national obsession. Indeed her proud father confessed to being overwhelmed by the number of gifts that flooded into his home from all over the country after she was born on June 26.

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Photo: ©
Crown Prince Maxima holds her baby daughter during the christening ceremonyPhoto: © AFP
Photo: ©
The proud parents, with Amalia and Alexia in their arms, emerge from the village church in WassenaarPhoto: © AFP

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