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New images of baby Danish prince released

Six weeks after he made his big debut, the newest member of Denmark's royal family continues to captivate the people of his Scandinavian nation. And one look at the newly released photographs of [Crown Prince Frederik]'s son and heir makes it easy to understand why.

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For the past 450 years the names of Denmark's kings have alternated between Frederik and Christian and it is unlikely the second-in-line's parents will choose to break with tradition. Speculation will be conclusively put to rest on January 21, though, when the tot is christened in Christiansborg Palace church.

The citizens of Princess Mary's homeland are also taking a keen interest in her baby son. Indeed betting agencies in Australia have been offering odds on the new arrival growing up to marry tennis star Lleyton Hewitt and actress Bec Cartwright's newborn daughter.

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The tot is looking forward to his first Christmas in Copenhagen. In keeping with a long-standing royal tradition, his mum and dad are yet to announce their little boy's namePhoto: © AFP
Photo: ©
Denmark's newest royal will be christened at Christiansborg Palace church on January 21Photo: © AFP

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