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The heir to the throne met Rastafarian youth club manager Errol during his trip on Monday. The pair spoke about reggae and Charles showed off his watch - a present from the late Emperor of Ethiopia, who is regarded as a god by many Rastafarians
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Charles congratulates Mohamed Jama after his performance as George in a play depicting the story of the patron saint of England slaying the dragon
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Charles shows off Rasta watch during Liverpool trip

24 APRIL 2007

The itinerary for Charles' visit to Liverpool was packed, but the Prince showed he still had time on his hands when he met Rastafarian manager of a local youth club Erroll Graham. The heir to the throne rolled back his sleeve to display a very special watch – a gift from Haile Selassie - the late Ethiopian Emperor and head of the Rastafarian movement.

Charles showed off the timepiece at a town hall during the St George's Day trip on Monday. He also demonstrated his musical savvy when chatting about reggae to Erroll, 43, who received a £500 grant from the Prince's Trust 30 years ago to build a sound system for his youth club. Appropriately enough, the Prince was also treated to a traditional mummers play, featuring George slaying the dragon, performed by local children.

Charles was earlier given an honorary fellowship of Liverpool Jon Moore's University, and also visited the city's St George's Hall to celebrate its reopening to the public following a five-year, £23-million refurbishment. His tour of the building included a peek at the basement cells, where he got a whiff of Liverpool's criminal past - the cells are pumped with artificially-created scents to give visitors a more authentic experience.

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