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The Queen is to get a BlackBerry wireless device, so she can send emails and surf the internet between engagements
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High-tech monarch keeps up with gadget generation

29 JUNE 2007

She lives a life surrounded by the traditions of yesteryear, but that doesn't stop the Queen from keeping up with the latest trends. The 81-year-old monarch is soon to get a BlackBerry mobile communication device so she can e-mail her staff and family and surf the internet while she's on the move between engagements.

According to a senior Palace aide, the British monarch - along with other members of the royal family - is expected to get one of the hand-held units after being persuaded of its benefits by Prince Andrew, who already owns one. The Duke of York - who is a regular attendee at technology conferences - is enthusiastic about innovations in communication and has already given his mother a mobile phone.

The new gadget will add to the Queen's growing stash of technology. She apparently already owns an iPod, which she has filled with patriotic tunes. And the thoroughly modern monarch also has her own e-mail account, although she dictates replies to an aide rather than writing them herself.

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