16 OCTOBER 2007

The Prince of Wales became a knight in shining armour on Sunday to help rescue a motorcyclist involved in a crash on a mountain road.

The Prince was driving near his Scottish holiday retreat in Balmoral when he saw salesman Hugh Simpson go skidding off the road in front of him.

Hugh, from Crieff, in Perthshire, then plunged down a steep bank and landed just feet from the River Clunie, shattering a wrist and breaking a foot in the accident.

Charles, who was driving alone in his Land Rover Discovery, immediately pulled over and called on his bodyguards, who are trained in first-aid and were following, to help.

Afterwards, the 52-year-old was full of praise for Charles and his men, who were able to give medical assistance and placed a neck brace from their kit around him.

"I can't thank Prince Charles and his bodyguards enough," he said.

The accident happened near to Charles' Birkhall residence on the Balmoral estate, where he's been holidaying with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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The heir to the throne, who's on holiday in Scotland, rushed to the aid of a motorcyclist in distress after the man skidded off the road on his KawasakiPhoto: © PAClick on photo to enlarge