13 NOVEMBER 2007

While the future of her three-year romance with Prince Harry is up in the air, Chelsy Davy seems intent on sticking it out in the UK. Putting paid to reports that the pretty Zimbabwean had abandoned her postgraduate course at Leeds and returned to sunny South Africa, Chelsy has been spotted out and about in the northern city this week.

On Monday morning the 22-year-old emerged from her student digs and was greeted by a group of pals - including a girlfriend who offered her a reassuring hug and asked if she was ok. The group then walked to campus together where, after eating a sandwich and grabbing a take-away coffee, Chelsy attended a lecture in the law faculty building.

Her university refuse to comment on whether or not the blonde postgraduate student will complete her course - which is set to last for two years - but it is now widely believed that she wants to give settling in Leeds another shot. "She is not going anywhere," said a source.

Meanwhile, it seems that a reconciliation could be on the cards in the future. "Chelsy was - and still is - the love of his life," said a friend of the 23-year-old Prince, adding that he has been in regular touch with his former girlfriend over the past few days.

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Although her relationship with Prince Harry seems to be somewhat uncertain, Chelsy has been attending lectures in Leeds and looks set to remain in the UKPhoto: © Rex Click on photo to enlarge