20 NOVEMBER 2007

Princess Diana might possibly have survived the fatal car crash in which she lost her life if French medics had moved her from the scene of her car accident sooner, the inquest into her death has been told.

The claim was made by a leading British surgeon who said the Paris team missed "a window of opportunity" to get the Princess to hospital when she was put into an ambulance 35 minutes after the crash. Instead they opted to treat her for a further 40 minutes in the stationary vehicle.

In his evidence, Professor Thomas Treasure contrasted the "scoop and run" approach taken in Britain to procedures in France where multiple-injury patients are treated on the spot.

"(The medics) had done a lot of good in that first half hour, but the next big amount of good that could be done required a surgeon," he said.

An earlier French investigation ruled the late Princess had received the most appropriate care, and nothing more could have be done given the seriousness of her injuries.

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The inquest into the fatal Paris crash heard evidence from a leading British surgeon that vital time was wasted when French medics treated the Princess in the Pont de l'Alma underpass rather than taking her to hospitalPhoto: © PAClick on photo to enlarge