21 JANUARY 2008

As the Queen attended a church service near Sandringham yesterday it wasn't just her royal presence that caused a stir. The monarch brightened up a grey, January morning in a stylish pink ensemble - which drew quite a reaction from the gathered locals.

"She looked lovely today," remarked one member of the congregation. And she wasn't the only person to comment on the vibrant cerise coat and matching hat. After giving the Queen a bouquet of tulips, a four-year-old girl said: "She's pink!".

Queen Elizabeth, who was recently named among the world's most glamorous women by style magazine Vogue, attends A Sunday service at one of the village churches on the Sandringham Estate each year during her New Year's holiday. And this weekend it was the turn of Flitcham to welcome the monarch.

Prior to the service the Queen and Prince Philip took time to chat to the members of the congregation. "Your top almost matches the colour of my coat," she told one delighted local, who was wearing a fleece jumper in a similar hue.

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The Queen, who wore a striking cerise outfit for the Sunday morning service, drew quite a reaction from the local community. "She's pink!" remarked one child, after presenting a bouquet of tulips to the elegant monarch Photo: © Rex
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Also attending the Norfolk church was the Duke of Edinburgh, who joined the Queen in chatting to the delighted congregation before the service Photo: © Rex