24 JANUARY 2008

When Crown Princess Victoria was enlisted to present Al Gore with an award this week, it was for a cause close to her heart - environmental campaigning. Her father, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, has long been dedicated to the issue - and his commitment has clearly rubbed off on his daughter.

"I have always had an interest in the environment," reveals the princess, who says she travels by train whenever possible. "For Christmas I got... a certificate for forest in Mexico from dad which is supposed to correspond the equivalent 118,000 kilometres of car emissions," she adds.

Sweden's future queen was speaking as she attended a climate change and global environmental conference in Gothenburg. Later that evening she presented former US vice president and environmental campaigner Al with the Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development. The honour recognises his efforts in campaigning over climate change issues.

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The Swedish princess presents fellow environmentalist Al Gore with an award recognising his campaigning on green issues Photo: © Rex
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Victoria credits her own green credentials to her dad's influence, saying: "I have a father who has been environmentally conscious for a long time"Photo: © Rex