22 FEBRUARY 2008

Even a seasoned globe-trotter like Sweden's King Carl Gustaf must have been impressed by the Arabian Nights-style hospitality he received on a recent Saudi tour. A traditional meal served in a desert camp and a camel ride were among the memorable moments on his official visit to promote the World Scout Foundation.

During Thursday's gathering the royal - who's president of the organisation – sat cross-legged in a tent sampling food cooked over a charcoal fire.

The Swedish monarch, a former scout himself, was in Saudi Arabia to mark the opening of a week-long exhibition highlighting the movement's role in strengthening peace between countries.

"The organisation teaches children to be self-reliant and how to set a good example to others," he emphasised. "Thus, it offers a lot for the benefit of society."

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The Swedish monarch visited a desert camp just outside Riyadh to publicise the work of the scouts in furthering peace between nationsPhoto: © Getty Images
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There his hosts treated him to a traditional meal cooked over an open firePhoto: © Getty Images
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The desert dining experience came as the Swedish monarch made an official visit to Saudi Arabia in conjunction with the scout organisationPhoto: © Getty Images