4 MARCH 2008

Ever since her daughter Isabella arrived in April 2007 Crown Princess Mary has no doubt been looking forward to the moment when she could present the baby princess to Australian relatives back in her Tasmanian homeland.

That introduction could take place this August. The pretty brunette is reported to be tagging a trip Down Under with her daughter and son Christian onto the family's visit to China for the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing on August 8. Mary's husband, Prince Frederik, will apparently be in attendance throughout the sporting event, in support of Denmark's bid to join the Olympic committee in 2009.

A week before the close of the Games Mary will head off for Tasmania with the couple's two children, Isabella – who will then be 16 months - and Christian, who will be three - while their dad remains in China. The family will be united at the end of August when Frederik joins them in Oz.

It will be Christian's second trip to his mum's birthplace. The blond-haired youngster had his first taste of Tasmanian culture when he was one and his parents took him to meet Mary's extended family in 2006

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The baby princess will be visiting her mum's Tasmanian homeland this August and meeting her Australian relatives Photo: © Getty Images
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The family were last in Tasmania in November 2006, before Isabella was born. Christian, aged one, watches from his dad Frederik's arms as he is introduced to a koala bear during the tripPhoto: © Getty Images