5 MARCH 2008

Jubilant Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has vowed to go all the way to the White House after securing primary election victories in three key states. Her triumph in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas means the battle with Democratic rival Barack Obama will continue into the spring and possibly the nominating convention this summer.

Speaking to crowds of celebrating supporters in Columbus, Ohio, as confetti rained down from above, 60-year-old Hillary declared she was determined to stay in the race. "We're going on, we're going strong and we're going all the way," she said.

This week's key victories have proved a huge boost to the former First Lady's campaign, interrupting Mr Obama's seemingly unstoppable momentum and his 12 straight wins. Experts say Tuesday's votes were a chance for the Illinois senator to close the deal for the Democratic nomination, and now the historically-charged race has been prised open.

Despite Mrs Clinton's incredible comeback, Mr Obama has pointed out it's unlikely she will catch him in numbers of elected delegates. According to the Associated Press Mrs Clinton still trails the 46-year-old senator with 1,391 delegates to his 1,477.

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"Ohio has written a new chapter in the history of this campaign and we're just getting started," declared Hilary after arriving in a storm of confetti at a party for celebrating supporters in the state capital of Columbus Photo: © AFP Click on photo to enlarge
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The former First Lady, seen campaigning in Texas with celebrity supporter Eva Longoria, is once again a strong contender to be her party's presidential nominee after victories in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas interrupted rival Barack Obama's 12 straight wins Photo: © AFP