20 MARCH 2008

When he was born in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia last year, little Simeon Hassan - the 11th grandchild of the country's former tsar - became the first member of the Bulgarian royal family to be born in his homeland for 70 years. So it was only fitting his proud parents, Princess Kalina and her Spanish humanitarian husband Kitin Muñoz, should return to the Eastern European country to celebrate their only child's first birthday.

To commemorate the occasion the family, which is now based in Spain, sat for official photographs in the snowy grounds of the royal residence of Tsarska Bistritsa, in the southwest of the country.

In another image the 36-year-old daughter of former Bulgarian Tsar Simeon III is pictured wearing Bulgarian national costume. And little Simeon echoes the look in a mini embroidered tabard and brightly coloured cummerband.

The former hunting lodge the couple chose as a backdrop for the shoot holds a special place in the hearts of Kalina and Kitin, as it's where they celebrated their Spanish-language nuptials in 2002.

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Proud parents Princess Kalina and Kitin Muñoz returned to the Bulgarian former hunting lodge where they wed six years ago for the photo shoot to mark little Simeon's first birthday Photo: © Rex
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Another shot shows the Bulgarian princess and her son in the country's national dress. Simeon is the first member of the Bulgarian royal family to be born in in his homeland for 70 years Photo: © Rex