24 MARCH 2008

The Duchess of Cornwall caught the attention of royal watchers last summer when she gave her ivory-hued Robinson Valentine wedding ensemble another airing and revealed she's a natural when it comes to sartorial recycling. And judging by her husband's appearance on the slopes this week, it's not hard to see whose lead she follows.

As he joined his elder son William and the young Prince's girlfriend Kate Middleton for an Easter ski break at the Swiss resort of Klosters, Prince Charles stepped out in a familiar ski suit.

Though the 59-year-old Prince has been snapped in other one-pieces over the years, the blue outfit is arguably his favourite item of ski wear, and has been a firm fixture on the pistes since making its debut at Klosters in 1995.

And the ski suit isn't the only item of clothing the Prince is determined to get extra mileage from. He has a pair of £2,000 hand-crafted brogues which he has been wearing for more than 20 years. They were made from 200-year-old reindeer hide brought to the surface from a Danish ship which sank off the coast of Plymouth in 1786, and were given to the Prince as a gift.

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The blue one-piece, which reappeared in Klosters this week, has served on numerous family ski holidays over the years. Charles was spotted wearing it at the Swiss resort in 2006 (above)Photo: © Rex
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Though Charles has other one-pieces, this one is arguably the 59-year-old royal's favourite. Here it is again in 2004, as the Prince relaxes with son WilliamPhoto: © Rex
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It was first unveiled in 1995 when Charles was snapped sledging in Klosters, a scene repeated again in 1997 (above) with younger son HarryPhoto: © Rex