28 MARCH 2008

Emerging from a futuristic vehicle resembling The Batmobile Prince Albert of Monaco further cemented his green credentials this week.

The 50-year-old took to the wheel of the battery powered Nissan Mixim car at EVER Monaco 2008, a motoring show focusing on eco-friendly transport.

As a sovereign determined to make environmental issues the centrepiece of his reign, his interest in the car was inevitable. The topic has been a key one for Albert ever since he ascended the throne and promptly announced Monaco would ratify the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases.

Never shy of leaping into action to publicise green causes, the Prince has scuba dived to draw attention to the plight of dolphins and undertaken a four-day trek to the North Pole to highlight the effects of global warming.

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Ecologically minded Albert checks out a battery-powered car at Monaco's EVER eventPhoto: © Getty Images
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The Nissan Mixim runs on a generator powered by rechargeable batteries