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Princess Anne's son, who is set to marry Autumn next month, will no longer have to give up his position as 11th in line to the throne now Autumn has converted to the Church of England
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Peter keeps claim to throne as Autumn becomes C of E

1 MAY 2008
When Peter Phillips marries his Canadian love Autumn Kelly next month, he won't have to give up his place in line to the throne as had previously been thought. His fiancée has renounced her Catholic faith and been accepted into the Church of England.

"Autumn has been welcomed into the Church of England," confirmed a spokesperson on Wednesday.

Had the management consultant - who was educated in Catholic schools - not converted, her royal beau would have had to surrender his claim to the throne when they wed in St George's chapel at Windsor on May 17. A law passed in 1701 removes royals who marry Catholics from the line of succession.

"She was not asked to do this; she did it of her own accord," reveals a Palace source.