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Beatrice looks and acts more like her mother with every passing passing year. Such is their rapport that even promoting Sarah's Children In Crisis organisation - now in its 15th year - is source of shared laughter
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The young royal was in lighthearted mode as she was reunited with the Duchess, who these days works out of New York
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Sarah and mirror-image Bea bring fun to Duchess' charity event

7 MAY 2008
With their flowing red locks, matching outfits and charming manners Princess Beatrice and the Duchess of York looked the perfect mother and daughter team at a recent charity event. The young royal was helping her mum publicise a new initiative for the Children In Crisis charity Sarah founded 15 years ago.

Though there's a serious purpose to their current campaign raising ₤10 million to build 24 schools in war-torn countries the pair still struck a light-hearted note at Wednesday's launch.

At one point Bea was giggling away, obviously pleased to be reunited with New York-based campaigner Sarah.

Such is the 21-year-old's admiration for her mum, she's made it known she'd like to be seen as "a mini-mummy". "She leads by example, and her behaviour is one that I'd really like to follow," the Princess told reporters not long ago.

It's not a bad goal, as Prince Andrew's ex-wife is almost universally admired for the way she's brought up Beatrice and her sister Eugenie, while her humanitarian projects help over 250,000 children in developing countries each year.

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