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Rania joined the families of traffic accident victims on a march calling for an end to speeding and other irresponsible behaviour on the kingdom's roads
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The queen, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the campaign logo, signs a petition in support of the awareness-raising effort

The mother of four was joined by thousands of ordinary Jordanians at the demonstration

Jordanian queen helps highlight human cost of road accidents

13 MAY 2008
Queen Rania joined thousands of ordinary Jordanians on a recent march to highlight the dreadful toll taken on the lives of innocent victims by road accidents in the kingdom. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt bearing the campaign slogan, she was showing solidarity with fellow marchers who have lost loved ones in car crashes.

The mother of four turned out on a chilly day in the Middle Eastern country to show her support and sign a petition calling for greater efforts to prevent the tragedies.

Known for her work on children and education issues, Rania has been one of the prime movers behind the KAFA or ENOUGH - campaign. And placards carried by participants illustrated vividly what motivates the high-profile humanitarian.

"Each week five children are killed in road accidents," read one. "One Jordanian is killed every nine minutes in a car accident," said another.

Over the next three months awareness-raising efforts will aim to reduce speeding, improper use of lanes, ignoring stop signs and the use of mobiles while driving.