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Out of respect for local custom the monarch donned a headscarf and slipper-style socks before entering the religious centre
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Once inside she listened to a recital of verses from the Koran
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Earlier in the day, the monarch toured a silk market where she was clearly taken with a pair of cushion covers for 100
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Queen wears headscarf and slippers for visit to Turkish mosque

15 MAY 2008
Her head respectfully covered and slipper-style socks on her feet, the Queen listened intently to a reading from the Koran during a visit to Turkish mosque on Wednesday. The monarch, who's currently on a four-day visit to the country, had been invited to the Green Mosque in the north western city of Bursa.

Earlier she'd been treated to a fashion show and watched a traditional shadow puppet performance.

The day's programme also included an expedition to an ancient textile market, where colourful shawls, scarfs and pashminas are sold. Around a thousand enthusiastic residents were on hand as the walkabout took place in the well-preserved 15th-century bazaar.

"Her being here is such a big honour for Bursa and it's a nice gesture," said one store owner of the monarch, whose eyes were apparently caught by a 100-pair of raw silk embroidered cushion covers.