18 MAY 2008

While all eyes were on the bride, it was an important occasion for another blonde beauty. Wedding guest Chelsy Davy was meeting her boyfriend's regal grandmother.

Saturday's formal introduction of the lively Zimbabwean to the Queen marked an important step in her four-year relationship with Prince Harry. It is the first time 22-year-old Chelsy has been welcomed into such high-level royal circles.

Looking fresh and pretty with her blonde hair accentuated by a soft black fascinator, the Leeds University student did not reveal any of the nerves she is said to have suffered over the occasion.

"She's in a terrible state over the wedding. She knows all eyes will be on her," a friend was reported as saying.

With loving boyfriend Harry by her side, however, there was little doubt that bubbly Chelsy would do any less than charm her beau's regal family. The Queen was believed to be "delighted" at finally meeting her young grandson's long-term love.

Chelsy enjoyed the ceremony alongside Prince William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Aware of the attention that would be focused on them, both women slipped out of a side door of St George's Chapel after the service, leaving the spotlight on the real star of the day – bride Autumn Kelly.

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Affectionate grandson Harry gives the Queen a loving kiss on the steps of St George's Chapel on Saturday. Harry and his brother hold their grandmother in great esteem and having her approval of their girlfriends is important to them Photo: © Rex
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Pictured recently at a polo match, Chelsy has changed her style of dress, perhaps in anticipation of her royal introduction