24 MAY 2008

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Brightly coloured lovehearts decorated the trees of Mogeltonder on Saturday as Denmark prepared to celebrate the wedding of Prince Joachim to Marie Cavallier.

The village, which lies close to the Prince's home, Schackenborg Castle farm, was a hive of activity as it waited for members of its own royal family, along with their Sweden and Norway counterparts, to arrive.

Villagers have already given their approval of the soon-to-be Princess. "I think she is beautiful," said Hanne Schoenneman. "She seems happy and positive and straightforward."

Several hundred guests have been invited to share the couple's happy day, enjoying a banquet, prepared by members of the Danish national culinary team, at the Prince's home.

Joachim and Marie – who gains Danish citizenship with her marriage – will wed in the same church where the Prince's son, Felix, was christened in 2004. Copenhagen Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen will lead the ceremony.

No doubt the event will bring back memories for Joachim's older brother, Crown Prince Frederik. The bishop married the Prince and Mary Donaldson four years ago.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Looking relaxed and happy, the couple leave Mogeltonder Church on Friday evening after the wedding rehearsal Photo: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Decorated in the colours of the Danish flag, the pretty village of Mogeltonder - with its historic church - prepares for its time in the spotlight Photo: © Getty Images