1 JUNE 2008

Following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and his great-grandfather, Prince William has donned a Royal Navy uniform to begin his two-month attachment with the marine force.

The handsome royal – an army officer with the Blues And Royals – reports for duty on Monday. Part of his assignment will include a five-week tour of duty in the West Indies onboard HMS Iron Duke, where his role will involve catching drug-smugglers.

The navy has been keen to point out that the Prince will be treated like every other sailor during his time with them, which is part of his preparation as a future head of the armed forces. He is to share a four-berth cabin and will be woken at 6.30am.

"He's going to come just like any other young officer and do all the things that young officers get involved in," said Rear Admiral Robert Cooling.

Joining the navy has long been a tradition in the royal family and William is said to be thrilled at continuing the custom.

"He's enormously looking forward to the attachment," revealed Commander William Entwisle, who has been working with the royal household over the attachment. "Very positive about it, as you would expect."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Leaving his Blues And Royals colours behind, William dons a navy uniform to continue a long tradition in the royal family. The Prince is said to be looking forward to his time with the marine force Photo: © Getty Images Click on photo to enlarge