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Appearing in his first UK TV interview since leaving Downing Street, the former PM gave his full backing to Gordon Brown. "It's a difficult job," he conceded
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Mr Blair also addressed the House of Commons in his new role as Middle East envoy
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'I'm 100 per cent behind Gordon' insists Tony Blair in first TV interview

6 JUNE 2008
In his first UK TV interview since stepping down as prime minister last year, Tony Blair has declared his full support of successor Gordon Brown. Speaking on a morning TV show on Thursday the former premier revealed he is 100 per cent behind the new PM.

"I said when I left I was going to be 100 per cent supportive of Gordon and the Government and that's what I continue to be, totally and completely, because I know it's a difficult job," Mr Blair told GMTV's Fiona Phillips.

"I have nothing but respect and admiration for people that take it on," he added. "It's tough for all leaders at the moment, right round the Western world."

Mr Blair, who also made his first trip back to the House of Commons this week to address its members in his role as Middle East envoy, addressed wife Cherie's controversial new autobiography, too. "It's a bit of fun," he insisted. "It's lively, and it's well meant!"