18 JUNE 2008

Already the owner of Ziggy, a border collie wedding gift, Princess Mary of Denmark was being seduced by another pet this week. The royal was clearly taken with a springer spaniel puppy encountered on a visit to a pet shop.

Elegantly attired for the engagement, Mary nonetheless picked up the four-legged cutie and gave him a cuddle. Her two children, two-year-old Christian and Isabella, who recently turned one, would likely have been equally enthusiastic about the fluffy youngster.

There was a different treat in store for the little royals this week, though, as they headed off on a three-day cruise with their Australia-born mum and dad Frederik. Setting sail on the royal yacht Dannebrog, the family were given an enthustiastic send-off by locals in the southern port town of Hadersley.

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The princess' eye was caught by this winsome pet on an engagement in southern Denmark Photo: © RexClick on photos for gallery
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Mary and her husband Frederik already have a border collie, but the Tasmania-born royal was clearly taken with the tiny pup Photo: © Rex