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The sombre occasion was also marked by bursts of patriotism and pride with locals calling out "Well done!" to the 23-year-old royal and his fellow soldiers as they marched through the streets of Edinburgh
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Lieutenant Wales joins memorial parade for fallen comrades

19 JUNE 2008
Prince Harry has taken part in a parade in Edinburgh honouring comrades who fell during his army tour to Afghanistan. The young royal, proudly wearing his army uniform, was one of 200 servicemen and women who joined the sombre event on Wednesday.

Along with soldiers, sailors and airmen who were all representing their Infantry Brigades in the parade, Lieutenant Wales - as the 23-year-old is known in the army - followed a pipe band through the centre of the Old Town as hundreds of well-wishers who'd turned out for the occasion shouted messages of support.

After the march-through Household Cavalry officer Harry, who spent ten weeks on a secret mission in Helmand Province from December last year, joined the families of soldiers killed or injured during his deployment at a memorial service in the city's St Giles Cathedral.