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A warm scarf firmly in hand, the Princess prepares for her five-day journey
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The royal party will be finding out about climate change and helping with experiments
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Scandinavian royals take fact-finding mission to Arctic

22 JUNE 2008
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is leading a group of Scandinavian royals on a trip with a difference.

Travelling onboard an icebreaker alongside Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, the pretty princess who has just turned 30 - is visiting Svalbard, a group of Arctic islands off the coast of Norway. The five-day trip will see the eco-friendly royals learn more about climate change in the region as well as help test research equipment.

It will mean a change of clothing for the trio as they leave the relatively warm summer weather of their countries for the ice and snow. Svalbard lies just 620 miles from the North Pole.

The chilly expedition is part of International Polar Year. All three royals are patrons of the event.