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Prince Philip, who is chancellor of the university, was dressed in full ceremonial robes for the annual honorary doctorate ceremony, which is one of the highlights of the university calendar
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Among those being honoured by the Duke was the Archbishop of York, the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu, who made headlines recently after skydiving to raise funds for an Armed Forces charity
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'Leap of faith' prelate receives honour from Prince Philip

24 JUNE 2008
Dozens of royal watchers flocked to Cambridge University on Monday, eager to catch a glimpse of the Duke of Edinburgh. Dressed in full university robes Prince Philip was taking part in the annual honorary doctorate ceremony - one of the highlights of the university calendar.

Among the high-achievers being honoured this year by the Duke, who's chancellor of the university, was the Archbishop of York, the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu.

Dr Sentamu, wearing a colourful crucifix round his neck for the ceremony, hit the news earlier this month when he raised 75,000 for Britain's Armed Forces by jumping out of a plane at 13,000ft.

"It's important for citizens of this country to value those who risk their lives for the sake of this country, so I'm doing my part," he said after the daredevil stunt - dubbed his leap of faith. "I was praying like anybody's business up there. It was an amazing, amazing experience."

The 58-year-old church leader studied theology at Cambridge's Selwyn College until 1984. Born in Uganda, he's an outspoken political campaigner who practised law in his home country before being imprisoned by the dictator and fleeing to the UK.

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