Royalty and statesmen

The royal couple are already putting the property on the 192-acre Llwynywermod estate to good use by treating it as their base for their annual summer visit to Wales this week
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There are three bedrooms to choose from, but perhaps Charles and Camilla will be waking up in this one which, with its traditional quilt and simple light coloured furnishings, combines Welsh elements with a New England style
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Furniture in the cosy living room is upholstered in traditional fabrics sourced locally
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One of the property's more ostentatious rooms is this vaulted ceiling hall, with gothic chandelier-style lighting. Traditional Welsh pottery adorns the dresser, while Welsh hangings adorn the walls
Photo: Rex

A first glimpse into Prince Charles' newly-renovated Welsh retreat

25 JUNE 2008
Those expecting the future king's new base in Wales to be a posh, luxuriously furnished hideaway may be surprised by newly-released pictures of the refurbished farmhouse on the 192-acre Llwynywermod estate. Since Prince Charles bought the property it has undergone extensive renovations; the result, however, is more cosy country cottage than royal palace.

Set to be rented out to visitors as a self-catering holiday home while Charles and the Duchess Of Cornwall aren't in residence, the three-bedroom property - which the couple are currently using while on their annual summer visit to Wales - has been furnished in an understated style.

That doesn't mean the royal pair haven't put their stamp on it, though. Charles, who bought the property for 1.2 million two years ago, has made sure the building's interior reflects its location by opting for traditional locally produced hangings on the walls. And his interest in environmental issues means a carbon-friendly heating system has also been installed.

Camilla's contribution, meanwhile, comes in the property's classic colour scheme of pale blue, whites and terracotta.

There is a hint of the owners' royal status, though. Above the stone fireplace in the dining hall hangs the three-plume crest of the Prince of Wales carved in Welsh slate. While the airy dining hall complete with spectacular vaulted ceiling and gothic lights has a certain Camelot-style grandeur.