Royalty and statesmen

In an interview to promote her new album Carla suggests she and the French president haven't ruled out the idea of having a child together - though the leggy beauty admits her age - 40 -could be an issue
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I love being pregnant says Carla ahead of launch of new album

10 JULY 2008
They married after a whirlwind romance and now it seems Carla Sarkozy and her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, wouldn't be averse to starting a family in record time, too. When asked on the eve of the internet release of her new album if she's expecting a baby, the First Lady, 40, replied ruefully: "No, unfortunately not".

"I wonder if my stomach's got bigger, because everyone is asking me the same question," continued the former model, who's already mum to seven-year-old Aurlien - her son from a previous relationship. Carla made it clear, however, that she hasn't ruled out having another child. "I'm not pregnant and I regret it because I love it when I am. Will it happen? It's difficult for me to say. It's much more difficult at 40 than it is at 25."

The Italy-born beauty, whose new album Comme Si De Rien N'tait - As If Nothing Happened - hits stores this weekend after having already been launched on a listen-only basis on the internet, is aware her role as head of state's consort may affect her fans perceptions.

"If people don't listen because I married the president of the Republic, I understand. If they do listen because I married the president of the Republic, I will be delighted," she revealed.