5 AUGUST 2008

In an age obsessed with Location, Location, Location, DIY and renovation, Prince Charles has emerged as a highly successful property player.

In a move which no doubt would impress Donald Trump, the heir to the throne has bought, sold or renovated over £200 million-worth of property in the past seven years, making a very respectable £43 million profit.

The breakdown of his deals - released this week by the Treasury following a Freedom of Information request - shows the 59-year-old's business acumen. Sales of assets, which have raised £123.5 million since 2001, range from £30 million for a block of flats to £40,000 for farmland.

Major investments include £2 million ploughed into a major re-devopment of The Oval cricket ground - already owned by his Duchy of Cornwall estate. And Llwynywormwood near Llaandovery - Charles and Camilla's new Welsh estate - had £1.3 million spent on it.

Hanging onto the bulk of 54,764 hectares of farmland in the south west also proved a smart move by the Prince. The biggest growth in the value of agricultural land for 25 years boosted its value eight per cent last year to £647 million, parlaying into a £16.3 income last year alone.

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The heir to the throne, pictured overseeing work on his Llwynywormwood estate, has netted £43 million profit in the last seven years, buying, selling and renovating an impressive £200 million-worth of property Photo: © Getty ImagesClick on photo to enlarge