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Joined by her husband Prince Philip and eldest son Prince Charles, the British monarch enjoys the day's events from her seat in the pavillion
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As guest of honour, the Queen presents prizes at the prestigious gathering, which includes traditional piping and dancing as well as tests of strength
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Day of tradition for the Queen as she attends the Braemar Games

Dressed in a striking coral coat and matching hat - with a tartan blanket over her knees to keep out the chill - the British monarch looked on as the traditional Highland Games got underway at the picturesque village. As ever, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, who sat with the Queen to watch the sports, donned their kilts for the day.

There was a familiar face among the winners too. Presenting awards to participants, the Queen once again handed over the trophy for the overall heavyweight competition to Bruce Aitken, who won for the tenth consecutive year.

Held near the royals' Scottish summer home of Balmoral Castle in the north-east of Scotland, the gathering attracted more than 16,000 people. The games, which date back to the 11th century, see clansmen testing their physical strength in contests such as tug-of-war and caber-tossing before saluting the monarch as their chieftain.

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