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Writing to a former nanny, Diana, pictured on honeymoon with Charles, complains her new status meant she was barred from doing housework. The revealing missives to Mary Clarke are to be auctioned next week
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Despite her reputation for elegance, Diana, who famously danced with John Travolta during a trip to the US, confessed to a friend at the age of 17 "I dance like an elephant"
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I love marriage but wish to do my own laundry said newly wed Di

The touching insights into the early years of Diana's marriage are revealed in four previously unseen letters to Mary Clarke that are expected to fetch at least 10,000 at auction next week.

Later in her marriage the young royal shared her excitement at expecting William, whom she referred to as Baby Wales, though morning sickness was still a problem "well into my fourth month".

In another note sent when she was a self-conscious teen, Diana complains about her lack of grace.

Incredibly, aged 17, the woman who captured the public imagination by twirling round the White House floor with John Travolta felt that: "watching me dance is like watching an elephant".

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