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With her smart jacket-and-skirt combination, statement-making hat and towering heels Joachim's attractive wife showed she has a sure eye for fashion as she accompanied her husband to the opening of the Danish parliament this week
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She is in good company when it comes to fashion know-how as her Australian sister-in-law, Princess Mary, has already earned something of a reputation for her elegant wardrobe
Photo: Rex

Marie challenges Mary's style crown early on with chic turn out

8 OCTOBER 2008
Nothing in her background as a Geneva-based businesswoman marked her out to play a leading role in one of Europe's ancient monarchies. Yet a mere few months after marrying her prince, Marie of Denmark has slipped into her new role with ease.

And in displaying a spot-on sense of style as well as regal poise at the opening of the country's parliament this week, the wife of Queen Margrethe's younger son Joachim looks set to give her fashionable sister-in-law a run for her money.

While Prince Frederik's Australia-born wife Mary has earned a reputation for her sartorial development since entering the Danish royal family, Marie, who arrived at the ceremony on the arm of her proud husband, was displaying an equally sure-footed approach.

The petite French beauty had picked out a chic olive dress and hat with a white winter coat. And even the tricky task of traversing the red carpet in towering five-inch heels couldn't dent her composure.

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