22 OCTOBER 2008

With the breathtaking vista of the Taj Mahal behind her and the sun on her face, Princess Victoria of Sweden was clearly enjoying one of several highlights in her ten-day trip to India as she visited the legendary record of a mogul emperor's love.

For a while the 31-year-old royal was just like any other visitor as she asked an aide to take a photo of her during the walkabout. She also captured some shots of her own of the goats who roam the monument's grounds.

Following her trip to the country's famous landmark in Agra, northern India, Victoria, who has described her trip to India as a "long awaited dream that has finally come true", was treated to a display of traditional dance by school children in the western city of Pune.

"I loved the performances and would love to get a crash course in dancing," revealed Sweden's future monarch after watching the youngsters in action.

She'll have the opportunity to pick the brains of a master in Indian dance after inviting one of Bollywood's biggest stars, Aamir Khan, to dine with her in Mumbai. The princess has become a fan of his work after watching Hindi films in preparation for her visit to the country.

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The crown princess visits the Taj Mahal in Agra, northern India, during her first visit to the countryPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photos for gallery
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She was particularly enthralled by a demonstration of traditional dance by schoolchildren in the western India city of PunePhoto: © PA